Strength Styles of the Smart & the Famous


I am elated to share my brand new e-book with all of you to support you in your ongoing strengths and professional development journeys. “Strength Styles of the Smart and the Famous” shares a famous, historic, and/or fictional person’s story for each of the 34 strengths. This e-book is built as a resource to supplant what you have already learned from your strengths report and/or strengths discovery retreat with Stronger Not Harder. Like a textbook or encyclopedia, I would recommend an intentional strategy of reading the sections pertaining to your unique top 5. Reflect on what these insights mean to you. And, see if you can put any of these lessons into action for yourself.

Throughout my years of coaching and consulting, people have found the Gallup strengths descriptions helpful; but, like with learning anything, real-life examples can make the metaphorical lightbulbs turn on when trying to deeply understand. My hope is that this additional context can support everyone in learning more about themselves and each other… with some laughter along the way. So like all the other students returning to school, take a moment for some education and self-reflection to make the most of your life. You deserve it!

So, check it out on Amazon here and know I am always available to keep the conversation going and support you in this journey.