With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping back from the royal family, one wonders what is at play. What could possess someone to sacrifice royalty and wealth for an independent life with a small family? Ask a Relator® and they will understand!


Relators® thrive in deep, trusting relationships. Relators® could care less for small talk. They only want to discuss the weather if it is connected to a deep, meaningful, existential conversation. As a result, it can be difficult to maintain several of these types of relationships. So, Relators® opt for quality over quantity in relationships.


Relators® organize their lives around strong relationships. This is positive, but it also means they weed out the weak relationships, so they can focus on the strong ones. Relators® are happy with a small inner circle. They only need 1-5 other people to comprise their circle of friends/family. Other people are nice, but superfluous.


If one of those extra people betray your trust in some way—buh-bye! They have lost all privileges to your trust and personal life. If someone from your inner circle betrays your trust, it will serve a major blow. Whether a Relator® forgives the person and keeps them in the inner circle depends on how big the betrayal was and how engrained the perpetrator is in their life.


Meghan Markle, a Relator®, has experience with weeding out estranged family members in the US. With Harry and their new baby, Archie, Meghan is going through this process again, but with the royal family. Without feeding into tabloid fodder, I feel it is safe to say the decision was based on Relator® pros and cons. The pros are that Meghan can now shift her focus to her inner circle of Harry and Archie. The allure of societal, royal power mean little in comparison to the inner circle love for a Relator®. The cons (or pros depending on how you look at it) are that she is removing people from her circle that were unessential and betrayed her trust.


Unsurprisingly as a Relator®, Meghan is also well known for not following the news or tabloid drama pertaining to her. If she did, it would force her into that outer circle which Relators® do not care about. Like the royal family, she pushes the drama to the outside of her private circle and deals with it on a need-be basis.


So, are you a Relator® managing a small inner circle? It is one of the most popular strengths in America, so this is more common than you may think! Relators® are so private that you might just not hear about it a lot. What do you think?


BONUS: One testimony to Relator® is my own personal story. My husband and I, both, have Relator® in our top 5. When it came time for us to marry, we were completely on the same page to ELOPE! Most important to us was each other, our vows, and a day filled with significance, meaning, and purpose. We could not imagine accomplishing that with our 80+ family members. The day would have been all about our family, whom we love. But, we wanted our wedding to be about us, so we eloped and have been 100% content with our decision. This is quintessential Relator®.


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